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[audio][Eg0_090] Tak Eniwa Sgormi

Keywords: anonymous; eg0cide; eg0cide
Downloads: 112
[audio][Eg0_101] Requiem for nobody
From an anonymous contributor
Keywords: anonymous; eg0cide
Downloads: 92
[audio][Eg0_109] melophobia : ∞ - melophobia
∞ is an incandescent and hypnotic drone by greek one-man experimental project melophobia - It is based on a live recording which has been slightly reworked later
Keywords: drone; experimental; melophobia; eg0cide
Downloads: 65
[audio][Eg0_129] nnaai : hdphnswrshp - nnaai
Are you ready to try the ultra-minimal  side of electronic drone? Here comes the first published work of one-man project nnaai (from Rome, Italy): hdphnswrshp, 2 monochrome tracks that will penetrate you like winter's coldness.
Keywords: drone; minimal; nnaai; eg0cide
Downloads: 267
[audio][Eg0_127] ~UNUNE~ : Presenting The Past - ~UNUNE~
After having publishing his recent album Movements in Decay ,  we welcome back Stephen Surreal aka Unune with a massive live compilation from 1979 until present,  featuring incarnations : ~UNUNE~  ( 2011/Present ),  Tears Of Ochre ( 2010/2011),  Agony For Pleasure ( 1986/1993 ), S.K.U.M. ( 1979/1986 ). Presenting The Past contains more than 3 hours of experimental / industrial music, including creepy minimal stuff, noisy experiments, but also catchy rythmical tunes like "Primal scream" or "...
Keywords: experimental; industrial; UNUNE; ; ~UNUNE~; eg0cide
Downloads: 175
[audio][Eg0_095] Mescalibur: La feuille dans la flaque - Mescalibur
Mescalibur is an experimental musician, active since the late 60s, who focuses on improvisation with electronic tools. La feuille dans la flaque was recorded live in his home studio in february 2013. It consists of 2 long atmospheric improvisations, growing like a slow swirling fire...
Keywords: ambient; experimental; improvisation; Mescalibur; eg0cide
Downloads: 93
[audio][Eg0_117] Spleen : Detest - Spleen
Spleen is an one-man project from Serbia which mixes dark ambient and atmospheric rock. Detest is an epic concept album dealing with the theme of misanthropy. It starts with an hypnotic ritual sequence, but later tracks also contains lots of industrial rock elements.  All along the album, bleak drones, crushing guitar riffs, pounding rythms and haranguing voices join their forces to take the listener into a world of morbid fixations and reclusive anger ...
Keywords: dark ambient; industrial; Spleen; eg0cide
Downloads: 93
[audio][Eg0_128] Jeff Sampson : Energy of the Multiverse - Jeff Sampson
Jeff Sampson is an american singer / keyboardist / composer with a rich background in ambient and experimental music, but also free improvisation and progressive rock. Since our first listening to some of his voice-based music in 2011 (the splendid Requiem in shallows) we wished  to release some of his works. Energy of the multiverse was worth the wait. This long-form drone is very pleasant and subtle, a perfect soundtrack for daydreaming on a lazy sunday...
Keywords: ambient; drone; Jeff Sampson; eg0cide
Downloads: 80
[audio][Eg0_125] Meho : Dwarf Galaxies - Meho
Meho is back on eg0cide with a space-themed album : Dwarf Galaxies. But as usual with him, the atmosphere is rather cold and bleak - and totally hypnotic. So don't expect flashy, new-agey "space music" -  and be prepared for a slow drift into the void.
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; Meho; eg0cide
Downloads: 118
[audio][Eg0_093] Ayato & Kecap Tuyul: Xylophonium Algosis - Ayato & Kecap Tuyul
Xylophonium Algosis is Ayato & Kecap Tuyul's 4th collaboration album, and probably the weirdest to date - also maybe one of the weirdest albums published on eg0cide...
Keywords: Ayato; Kecap Tuyul; experimental; eg0cide
Downloads: 196
[audio][Eg0_114] Luciftias : Chronic Pentatonic - Luciftias
After several collaborations with eg0cide's team, Luciftias finally brings a first solo album on the label. Chronic Pentatonic is one of his most subtle and ambitious works to our ears. This guitar-based piece was inspired by Steve Reich's composition methods, using loops of various lengths, here with an ambient approach. The result is a very organic, slowly evolving drone that deserves an active listening although it can also be enjoyed as background music.
Keywords: ambient; drone; Luciftias; eg0cide
Downloads: 102
[audio][Eg0_126] Crepusculo : I'm a comet - You are the world - Crepusculo
Crepusclo's third release on eg0cide shows a significant evolution in the artist's works. On this new EP I'm a comet - You are the world, he added some flesh and feelings to his usual cold and abstract style to create two catchy ambient dub tracks with more marked beats and upfront melody.  But as usual with Crepusculo, this EP is completely hypnotic, carefully composed and mixed.
Keywords: ambient; dub; Crepusculo; eg0cide
Downloads: 107
[audio][Eg0_120] DR : May - DR
DR offers us an EP of minimal ambient music mixing synthesizer and field recordings. With its floating atmospheres based on simple but touching melodies, May is a perfect exemple of the emotional side of ambient music - a calming, and quite melancholic soundtrack for introspective, dreamy moments.Presentation by the artist: "DR is a Ambient project from Braunschweig, Germany. Uses Synthesizers, Field Recordings, Tape Loops, Pedals & some digital Effects to create Melancholy, Deep, Ambient / Dron...
Keywords: ambient; drone; DR; eg0cide
Downloads: 191
[audio][Eg0_124] JKP : Textura - JKP
Eg0cide welcomes french sound activist JKP (who used to run the antisocial netlabel) with a very interesting EP of experimental drone : Textura. Comes with a bonus video.Check JKP's site for lots of creative commons / open source stuff (not only music but various resources & creations....)
Keywords: drone; experimental; JKP; eg0cide
Downloads: 98
[audio][Eg0_122] CDRX : Terra Incognita - CDRX
Ghostly broadcasts - invisible life-forms floating around - soft flashing lights - forgotten rituals - your mind is constantly drifting...CDRX has just invited you for a new nocturnal trip with his latest album Terra Incognita
Keywords: ambient; experimental; soundscapes; CDRX; eg0cide
Downloads: 100
[audio][Eg0_131] Ayato & Natalia Kamia : Cluster - Ayato & Natalia Kamia
Between abandoned strings warped tapes and esoteric radio broadcasts,  Ayato and Natalia Kamia have found / created a new territory to explore. They are not afraid of silence, they've patiently listened to the resonating spaces (inside / outside) and built 8 surprising pieces that will spin around your ears like sparkles from some unknow satellites. Despite of its short lenghth, Cluster is a very rich album, containing enough ideas to fill the full discography of less inspired musicians...You'l...
Keywords: experimental; Ayato; Natalia Kamia; eg0cide
Downloads: 130
[audio][Eg0_087] Meho : Crna Zemlja - Meho
Meho is a dark ambient artist located between Bosnia & Herzegovina and Sweden. Crna Zemla is made of 4 carefully textured subtarrenean soundscapes. Perfect soundtrack for long winter nights...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; Meho; Eg0cide
Downloads: 291 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio][Eg0_091] Medicine Man : Nightmare - Medicine Man
Eg0cide is glad to welcome  Medicine Man after 2 albums on Earthmantra. Nightmare is an epic sound journey through melancholic meditations & restrained anger. Tracks range from eerie drones to soft & warm melodic pieces, and form an often surprising - but always emotional- album.  All music and artwork by Robbyn Trappen
Keywords: ambient; atmospheric; Medicine Man; Eg0cide
Downloads: 184
[audio][Eg0_113] Emerge : Quantum - Emerge
Emerge is the solo project of Sascha Stadlmeier, who also curates the Attenuation Circuit label . Today he offers us a deep and subtle piece of droney music. Quantum's several layers swirl, rise, and cross each others without repeating themselves,  creating a strong, almost mystical atmosphere.
Keywords: ambient; drone; ritual; Emerge; Sascha Stadlmeier; eg0cide
Downloads: 65
[audio][Eg0_080] the perfect failure (?) vol 2 : schizo raid onction - the perfect failure (?)
Schizo raid onction is the 2nd volume (and hopefully worse than the 1st) of the perfect failure / l'échec parfait collaborative project - which is still open :  you are invited to send your worst creations to eg0cide who will mix them. Many thanks to all contributors : CDRX, Charles Pennequin, Charles premier, DJP, DMC, Doc Demagol, Ghosts don't exist, Id Vicious / J.G. Power-Ballard / Porno Adorno, Kecap Tuyul, Mescalibur, Trap&zoid, Vide flotté raide
Keywords: eg0cide; the perfect failure (?); collage; experimental; lo-fi
Downloads: 197 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio][Eg0_098] Meho : Prosedemic - Meho
Dark ambient composer Meho comes back on eg0cide with a new album of deeply hypnotic droney soundscapes : Prosedemic
Keywords: ambient; dark ambient; drone; Meho; eg0cide
Downloads: 194
[audio][Eg0_115] The Inner Shore : Extracts From Of An Unknow Science - The Inner Shore
The Inner Shore continues his exploration of abstract droning soundscapes with a well-titled new album Extracts From Of An Unknow Science. A very personal blend of minimalist electronic atmospheres and disorienting microtonal shifts.
Keywords: ambient; drone; experimental; minimal; The Inner Shore; eg0cide
Downloads: 86
[audio][Eg0_097] Subside Call: Leaving for thrills - Subside Call
Subside Call is a french duo who creates an original atmospheric (but not necessarily quiet) music, with industrial & ethnic influences. Eg0cide is glad to release their first (long) EP : Leaving for thrills. A brillant mix of hypnotic beats, catchy melodies & voice with subtle sound textures in the background. Description by the band : "Our music intends to create a deep and mystical atmosphear, narrative and mesmerizing where visions of desert landscapes, dusty temples and shamanic rituals nev...
Keywords: atmospheric; industrial; ethnic; Subside Call; eg0cide
Downloads: 199
[audio][Eg0_081] Digital Mass : The Murk 3 - Digital Mass
Mexican sound explorers Digital Mass have decided to add a 3rd chapter to their drone saga "the murk". Sounds used in "Lights in the Murk" were produced exclusively by electric guitars - played with various electric devices which helped to extract unexpected drone out of the body of the instrument even without touching the strings.
Keywords: anonymous; digital mass; dark ambient; drone; eg0cide
Downloads: 227
[audio][Eg0_116] Icoste : Dysthymia - Icoste
Icoste is a solo project of electronic musician Stéphane Jeanin from Belmont, USA. Dysthymia is one of his most experimental works to date. This amazing album has an overall opressive and dark tone expressed through various means : eerie floating voices, mysterious drones, swirling alien pads that sometimes turn into noisy electronic storms. The whole forms a deep sonic experience that becomes more and more powerful track after track, culminating with the complex and crushing rythmical sequence...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; industrial; noise; Icoste; eg0cide
Downloads: 128
[audio][Eg0_121] < UNUNE > : Movements In Decay - < UNUNE >
* is the project of Stephen Surreal, a british musician active since 1979 who has taken part in the early industrial music vibe. His music has evolved through the years, it is often more atmospheric, but always original and challenging  (don't expect new-agish ambient here!) Movements in Decay belongs to Unune's rather quiet and droney works. It includes abstract soundscapes as well as melancolic melodies - and always with a subtle work on textures and their layering...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; Unune; < UNUNE >; ~Unune~; eg0cide
Downloads: 129
[audio][Eg0_085] Croissant de Lune : Vladivostok - Croissant de Lune
Croissant de Lune is an experimental dark ambient project from Russia. His first EP Vladivostok comprises 2 short tracks full of mysterious vibes...
Keywords: Dark ambient; drone; experimental; Croissant de Lune; Eg0cide
Downloads: 147
[audio][Eg0_106] Kecap Tuyul : Restes - Kecap Tuyul
Restes, Kecap Tuyul's new solo album is quite different from the previous ones, although, like most of his works,  based on improvisations on prepared guitar. This raw material has been overdubbed later and gave birth to some kind of weird, foggy "songs" (?)
Keywords: experimental; free rock; improvisation; atmospheric; Kecap Tuyul; eg0cide
Downloads: 87
[audio][Eg0_132] ~UNUNE~ : Stone Swan Songs (Alternate Version) - ~UNUNE~
After the the recent  and rather droney/abstract Movements in Decay and the compilation Presenting the Past (which documented his early industrial roots), Stephen Surreal aka UNUNE offers another impressive album on eg0cide. This new version of the previously self-released Stone Swan Songs (containing alternative mixes and 2 long bonus tracks) could be considered as (one of) the missing link(s) between the two  albums mentioned above...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; industrial; ~UNUNE~; eg0cide
Downloads: 64
[audio][Eg0_118] I.Z. aka IDZeroNo : Waving (EP) - I.Z. aka IDZeroNo
I.Z. aka IDZeroNo is just back on eg0cide, waving. Don't be afraid, the experiment will be short. Just a stretched glitch in time and the decollated beat will reset your clock.
Keywords: experimental; I.Z. aka IDZeroNo; eg0cide
Downloads: 321
[audio][Eg0_086] Morphine Bandit : Shamanic Anesthesia - Morphine Bandit
Morphine Bandit is back on Eg0cide with a new set of minimalist droney soundscapes. Shamanic Anesthesia's icy lines slowly draw subtle harmonic structures that envelopp the listener in a paradoxically cozy coat of sonic snow...
Keywords: ambient; drone; experimental; minimal; Morphine Bandit; Eg0cide
Downloads: 403 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio][Eg0_104] Digital Mass : Vacant Vision - Digital Mass
Anonymous  polish droners Digital Mass are back on eg0cide with a new mysterious offering. They told us that "vacant vision" was inspired by antic shamanic rituals that used to take place in the core of the Bialowieza forest. They might be mystical freaks, they might be ironic impostors - nevermind. Just close your eyes and let the glowing sound grow and erase you from the inside.
Keywords: anonymous; ambient; drone; mystical; Digital Mass; eg0cide
Downloads: 405
[audio][Eg0_089] My Failure: Abstractions - My Failure
My failure is a project of Kirill M & Elena M from Russia, using an old accordion as main instrument. Abstractions was recorded live using only this accordion, and was realized in one hour with mixing and mastering. Raw melancolic music for wandering souls...
Keywords: drone; lo-fi; accordion; My Failure; Eg0cide
Downloads: 221
[audio][Eg0_083] Pulsipher : Crumbling flesh industries - Pulsipher
When Pulsipher sent us this track, he described it as the soundtrack for being eaten by something huge and ugly. Personnally, we found this weird, dark and droney track quite nice to listen while half asleep after having eaten too much...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; pulsipher; eg0cide
Downloads: 152
[audio][Eg0_092] CDRX : Greetings From Heidiland - CDRX
Greetings from Heidiland is CDRX's soundscape hommage to his homeland. He mixed some field recordings and sounds that are supposed to be typically Swiss - but the result is far from stereotypes. Just take the trip...The album was previously published as very limited double CD-R edition by Bad For Health Records, CDRX's own label. Eg0cide's free download issue contains only the first disc.
Keywords: CDRX; experimental; field recordings; soundscapes; Switzerland; eg0cide
Downloads: 122
[audio][Eg0_022] Tongues falling from an opened sky EP - Pura Sombar
Pura Sombar is a duo of Kecap Tilil and kecap Tuyul, they have released 2 albums on the french cdr label CommA Their music is quite hard to describe (ranging from melancholic psych folk, droney free rock, esoteric improvisations) so if you're curious about it just check samples on their myspace page and visit their official page "Tongues falling from an opened sky" is their most spacey and droney recording to date...
Keywords: drone; Pura Sombar; Kecap Tilil; Kecap Tuyul; eg0cide
Downloads: 437 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio][Eg0_119] Mescalibur : Larmes de feu - Mescalibur
In his new album Larmes de feu (could be translated as Fire Tears), Mescalibur continues to explore the possibilities of his analogic synthesizer. This time the mood is rather dark and heavy. These 3 improvised tracks were indeed directly inspired by an intense state of pain caused by a long-term illness. Philippe of Mescalibur wrote more about this in text below (in french only, sorry) so we won't add more on this subject...
Keywords: experimental; improvisation; noise; drone; Mescalibur; eg0cide
Downloads: 76
[audio][Eg0_102] Eurovision Über Alles : Üphemism - Eurovision Über Alles
EÜA is back with a new sonic riddle on eg0cide. Üphemism is more droney and minimalist than its monstrous predecessor the soundtrack, but this doesn't mean that its listening will be comfortable for anyone...
Keywords: Eurovision Über Alles; minimal; drone; dark ambient; experimental; eg0cide
Downloads: 106
[audio][Eg0_123] When We Live - When We Live
After the beautiful single Frozen Time, When We Live (the collaborative project between Kirill Makushin (Russia) and Jerry Norton (USA) is back on eg0cide with a digital version of their first full length self-titled album, that was recorded and first published in 2013 as a very limited CD-R. Their personal blend of melodic ambient pieces and droney, ghostly folk songs will be a perfect soundtrack for melancolic autumn evenings...
Keywords: ambient; drone; folk; When We Live; Kirill Makushin; Jerry Norton; eg0cide
Downloads: 94
[audio][Eg0_096] TTWOSS : Now... apocalypse - Thanato Twist With Oleg's Sound System
End-of-the-world specialists TTWOSS are back on eg0cide, with a new epic & intense piece of music : Now... apocalypse - one of their most intense work ever.Any resemblance to actual movie soundtrack, past or future, is purely coincidental.
Keywords: TTWOSS; Thanato Twist With Oleg's Sound System; experimental; soundtrack; eg0cide
Downloads: 170 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][Eg0_099] Half Evidence : Sillages - Half Evidence
New album by improv duo Half Evidence , Sillages will take you on an ocean of soundwaves, moving between wild maelstroms and peaceful atmospheric drifts.
Keywords: experimental; improvisation; Half Evidence; Charles premier; Kecap Tuyul; eg0cide
Downloads: 146
[audio][Eg0_084] Pura Sombar : Burnt Roads - Pura Sombar
Burnt Road was recorded in 2009-2011 by Pura Sombar (Kecap Tilil & Kecap Tuyul). 7 tracks of crepuscular experimental rock - sometimes noisy, sometimes atmospheric... The band's previous albums are available only on CD-R from the COmmA label
Keywords: free rock; experimental; atmospheric; Pura Sombar; Kecap Tilil; Kecap Tuyul; Eg0cide
Downloads: 207
[audio][Eg0_100] The perfect failure (?) vol. 3 : bras de fer avec le tænia - The perfect failure (?)
Here it is : "bras de fer avec le tænia", 3rd volume, of the perfect failure (?) / l'échec parfait (?) - even worse than the first ones : more lo-fi, more incoherent, more irritating - and longer...Many thanks to all the contributors : Anton Mobin, Ayato, C.P. McDill, Charles Pennequin, Charles premier, DJP, DMC, Doc Demagol, Dreamcell, Kecap Tuyul, Massimo Brazzini, MatGabo, Mat U Stone, Mescalibur, Princesse Pute, Vide flotté raide About "the perfect failure (?)": This is a ...
Keywords: l'échec parfait; the perfect failure; lo-fi; cut and paste; experimental; noise; eg0cide
Downloads: 207 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][Eg0_088] Half Evidence : Le cachot lumineux - Half Evidence
Half Evidence is a free improvisation duo formed in 2012 by Charles premier & Kecap Tuyul. Le Cachot Lumineux was improvised & recorded live on 11 october 2012. It shows their most droney / atmospheric (but not exactly quiet) side...
Keywords: experimental; improvisation; Half Evidence; Charles premier; Kecap Tuyul; eg0cide
Downloads: 84
[audio][Eg0_094] Luciftias vs Ghosts Don't Exist : Suspended Blades - Luciftias vs Ghosts Don't Exist
Suspended Blades is a collaborative / split album of Luciftias & Ghosts Don't Exist, that finds in origin back in 2008, when Luciftias started to work with some material provided by the ghost between the strings & ghosts don't exist. The result consists of 3 threatening experimental dark drones...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; Luciftias; Ghosts Don't Exist; eg0cide
Downloads: 139
[audio][Eg0_110] PhiMinD : Ascisco - PhiMinD
In term of releases, PhiMinD is a newcomer (?) in the field of dark ambient / ritual music, but he amazed us by the quality and depth of his works.Ascisco was self-released in december 2013 and we thought it deserves more exposure - because this album is simply one of the best in its league that we heard in 2013. All tracks sound very focused and cohesive despite of their improvised nature. It also seems that no looping was used in these recordings - and this is something we find quite refreshin...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; ritual; ethereal; improvisation; transcendental; PhiMinD; eg0cide
Downloads: 114
[audio][Eg0_107] C. Reider : Distressing - C. Reider
Eg0cide welcomes well known sound activist C. Reider (founder of Vuzh Music netlabel and experimental band Drone Forest), who sent us a very interesting "process-music" album based on the use of 4 sounds he found irritating. The result of these sound studies will make you discover the hidden musical potential of what most of us usually hate to hear.
Keywords: experimental; process-music; noise; ambient noise; C. Reider; eg0cide; drone
Downloads: 142
[audio][Eg0_130] CDRX : The purgatory’s public swimming pool - CDRX
Let's starts the new year with one of our fidel contributors: CDRX. His new album The purgatory's public swimming pool is a captivating subterranean soundscape. This time some noisy / industrial-flavoured touches have been included, and the final result is rather dark and gritty, but with a very cohesive atmosphere despite of its heterogenous components.
Keywords: ambient noise; dark ambient; drone; industrial; soundscapes; CDRX; eg0cide
Downloads: 104
[audio][Eg0_112] Nowa Ziemia : Trajektorie - Nowa Ziemia
We discovered Nowa Ziemia with these 2 tracks that he firstly self-released separately . "Bez światła" (without light) is rather abstract and noisy, "Wzorcec" (patterns) is quieter and more melodic. Both show a great sense of atmosphere building, somewhere between minimalist post-rock and raw guitar drone. They now form Trajektorie, the first web album of this very promising artist
Keywords: atmospheric; drone; guitar; noise; Nowa Ziemia; Artur Krychowiak; eg0cide
Downloads: 131
[audio][Eg0_111] Half Evidence : Rain Spirits - Half Evidence
Rain Spirits, Half Evidence's new album has been recorded (mostly) during the rainy month of april 2013 in Champagnac-la-Prune. Totally improvised as usual, these tracks show the most melodic side of the band,  including some almost bluesy/jazzy atmospheres - but still within the band's personal blend of peaceful drifts and grittier percussive/scrapping sounds.
Keywords: improvisation; home-made instruments; prepared guitar; Half Evidence; Charles premier; Kecap Tuyul; eg0cide
Downloads: 76
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